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Siloam's Children's Bible Camps

Teach your child the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it. - Proverbs 21:6 (N.L.T)


At Siloam Christian Ministries, we know of no better way to prevent a child from becoming entrapped in drugs, addicted to alcohol or dependent on tobacco, than to arrange a life-changing experience at one of our summer Bible camps that teach Christian values as an alternative to a negative lifestyle devoid of the things of God.


For 30 years we have been providing holidays for underprivileged children in the Ukraine, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. These camps make a positive impact on a child's life and make it possible for them to become a responsible adult in years to come.

  • Ukraine
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Bulgaria
  • Romania

With so much political instability in the Ukraine, how many children and young people have been affected with all this uncertainty going on in their country? Our camp in the Ukraine meets the needs of physically challenged children and supports their able-bodied peers, offering everyone the chance to take part in fun and learning together.

By partnering with Siloam this summer you can help to provide a holiday for a child at one of our recreational Bible camps in the Ukraine. For just £50.00, Siloam can reserve a place for a youngster to spend a week under canvas at one of the woodland sites near Chernigov which will be organised by the local Baptist Church. This will provide a place of peace and reflection in a troubled nation right now.

For more informaiton click here to visit our project page on the Siloam website.

portugalFor over 20 years, Siloam have been supporting Bible camps in Portugal. Our summer camps offer children time for leisure, games and access to a swimming pool. Children and young people also take part in devotional and meetings every night, with guest speakers who, with wisdom and grace, share the Word of God. For more informaiton click here to visit our project page on the Siloam website.

camps 3Our bible camp in Poland takes place in the winter months. The essential ingredients for a successful children’s Bible camp is plenty of good wholesome food, worship, fun as well as learning and growing in God together. The conditions although cold are excellent for skiing. For many of the young people from the city whom attend, they have never had the opportunity to enjoy the slopes before. For more informaiton click here to visit our project page on the Siloam website.



Coming soon..... news from Bulgaria

Launching in 2014....... Our new bible camp in Romania. We are excited about reaching the children of Romania. Please help us by making a donation for this camp. To make a donation, please click here >>






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Sleeping under canvas for a week teaches children how to get along with their companions and builds team spirit.

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A great time was had by all last year but, this year we are looking to friends like you to share in this