News About Bible Camps

In partnership with dedicated workers in Eastern Europe and Portugal, Siloam recognises the needs of youth from dysfunctional family backgrounds. Bible Camps offer them opportunities to experience transformation. Bible Camps

Children and young people respond to love and laughter. Their social skills develop with fun and group games. Good nutritional food and exercise activities promote health.

Yet the fellowship and faith of Bible Camps are what show youngsters a new perspective for their future. Many come from broken homes blighted by alcoholism and drug abuse. Lacking a positive role model, boys often succumb to substance abuse. Girls from this background are frequently trafficked into prostitution. Experiencing the supportive Christian way of life brings about lasting change.

 ‘The fall of communism was good,’ notes Krystyna. ‘I had prayed from a very early age that Poland would one day be free and it was – a year before my Dad died. He had fought passionately for a free Poland. However, there are problems with alcohol, drugs, lack of jobs and household finances….Thank you for organising these camps.’ Krystyna is praying for children to come to faith – and also get the message across to their families.

For 30 years, Siloam has partnered with on-the-ground workers at Bible Camps. These projects are sustainable because these committed local workers follow-up throughout the year – and from generation to generation.

Today community leaders recall how Bible Camps gave them an alternative to the downward spiral of their underprivileged childhood. Now they offer the next generation this same gift of hope in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, the Ukraine and Portugal. Help Siloam to sponsor Bible Camps and you also can offer transformation to disadvantaged youth.